Episode 6 – Shona Davison loves a good mystery and great odds

Rachel and Shona Davison, Actually Autistic educator and advocate, talk about Aphantasia and Hyperaphantasia. The risks and benefits of coming out as Autistic, Parenting, Challenging Behavior, how to make money gambling, and Sherlock Holmes.

Shona Davison Website

Shona Davison Twitter @ShonaDav

One thought on “Episode 6 – Shona Davison loves a good mystery and great odds

  1. Great episode! As an autistic parent I worry about being judge. And seems my worries are reasonable to have. There really needs to be more information about autistic parents.
    On a side note I find it interesting that you and Shona told people right away about being autistic. I only told my husband and my counselor about my diagnosis. It seems to me that people who are diagnosed as adults react in two ways. They tell everyone immediately or they wait awhile to process it and then tell people. I haven’t seen much of an in between though I’m sure there are some exceptions.


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